PERM Gyro compass Geus - M
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PERM Gyro compass Geus - M

Gyrocompass "Geus-M" is designed for different types of ships but is particularly suited for ice-breakers and vessels that operate in latitudes higher than 80 degrees. . It provides heading data with accuracy of indication 0.1 and 0.01 degree, ship’s speed, latitude and longitude, rate of turn, current and travel time, failure alarms. Information is provided in the form of digital (RS 232/422/485), step or analog signals.
The customer obtains heading information at the ship’s speed up to 70 knots, maximum pitching and rolling angles up to 45 degrees, latitudes up to 80° in the gyrocompass mode and up to 90° in directional gyro mode. Usage of a Distribution Box or a Heading Translator enlarges the number of receivers up to
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