ZINNOS 8ch NMEA Buffer(with Auto Switch) ZNR-208B
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ZINNOS 8ch NMEA Buffer(with Auto Switch) ZNR-208B
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This ZNR-208 NMEA Buffer was designed for high reliable and high performance, and receives 2 NMEA signals and splits one of two into 8 NMEA outputs.

 This NMEA Buffer is very useful for safety navigation with protecting system faults. For example, in case of using 2 GPS receivers, if one GPS signal is lost, this NMEA Buffer is automatically (or manually) selects another GPS signal, and still maintain output without any system fault.

 This NMEA Buffer can receive any type of serial data such as RS-422 (NMEA), RS-232, 5V TTL signal, and has high voltage and reverse input protection. Two NMEA outputs of 8 can be selected RS-422 or RS-232 type.

 This is called various names such NMEA Splitter, NMEA Repeater, NMEA Distributor, GPS Buffer, GPS Splitter, GPS Repeater...

1. Specifications

 - Standard : NMEA-0183, ISO/IEC61162-1, RS-422
 - Input : 2 NMEA-0183 Port (RS-422, RS-232, 5V TTL signal)
             Automatic or Manual changeable.
             Primary, Secondary input port selectable.
 - Output : 8 NMEA-0183 Ports
                2 Ports can be changed to RS-232 or 5V TTL signal
 - Power : 24V DC (18~32V DC)
               Electronic fuse. no replace required.
 - Protection : Over voltage input signal, Output port short

2. Option

 -  Power : 12V DC (8~16.5V DC)

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