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The VDR2000 meets the IMO Performance Standard A.861(20),the EU Directive 1999/35/EC and the IEC 61996 Test Specifications. VDR2000 is EC type approved (Wheelmark)according to EU Council Directive 96/98/EC of 20 December on Marine Equipment as amended by directive 2002/75/EC.

8 serial lines supporting RS232 and RS485/422,complying with IEC 1162-1/2 input specification and NMEA.Protocols from our libraries are supplied free of charge.Please see below.

Radar interface according to IEC 91996.
4 microphone units for recording of bridge audio.
1 channel for recording of VHF.
8 Analog 0-10V,4-20mA and special signals.
16 digital channels for ON/OFF signals.
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