Rongde Oil Water Separator
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Rongde Oil Water Separator


    Oil-water separator is designed in accrdance to the requirement of IMO107 (49). The device is mainly composed with 15ppm oily water separator, 15ppm bilge water alarm and automatic shutdown device.

    Specially, the 15ppm oily water separator can deal with various oily mixtures, such as, oil with high relative Density, emulsible oil, or oil mixture formed from cleaning working, ect, which are from bildge tank and sewage tank. Various types of mixture are prcessed by oil-water separator. And, if the ppm of processed mixture is lower than 15ppm, the processed mixture is dicharged to overboard under the control of the device. Otherwise, 15ppm bildge water alarm emits alarm to active automatic shutdown device. The processed mixture is sent back to bilge water tank.

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